Partner Track Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening?

Debuted on August 26, 2022, Partner Track is a drama TV series based on the legal world. The show is based on the 2013 novel “The Partner Track” by Helen Wan. Only a single season of the show is aired with 10 episodes, 40-45 minutes long.

Georgia Lee directed the show, and it is a Netflix Original series. The show is rated A on Netflix and is quite popular, falling in Netflix’s top 10 shows to watch.

This heartfelt show is about a lawyer named Ingrid who struggles to become a partner in a New York law firm while enjoying her life and being her true self side by side. Ingrid is a Chinese American who will be the first person of color to hold a partner position in her law firm.

Additionally, she would be the first minority partner in her firm. Read till the end, as the show is left with many cliffhangers in season 1.

When should we expect the release date of the Partner Track Season 2?

Partner Track Season 2 Renewal Status

The Partner Track was released in August 2022; since then, no official announcement about show renewal has been announced. Season 1 was a blockbuster, and people are super excited for the show’s next installment.

However, Netflix has announced that it is canceling this legal drama. There won’t be season 2 for the cliffhangers for the season 1.

Since the show is doing quite well and in the top 10 on Netflix, there is a high chance that the show will get another season of this heartfelt legal drama.

Who should expect in the Partner Track Season 2 Cast?

Since the series has not yet been renewed for another season, the cast is also not known for the second season. But, it can be speculated that if the series were to return for the second season, the main cast would likely return along with some other cast members. Until then, you can review the cast for the previous season below.

The show’s protagonist, Ingrid Yun, is a Korean immigrant in America working her way up to become a partner in a firm. Arden Cho plays the role of Ingrid.

Partner Track Season 2 Cast

Next, we have the rest of the cast members, including Alexandra Turshen, who plays Rachel Friedman, who plays Bradley Gibson, who plays Tyler Robinson, and Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jeff Murphy.

Further, we have Rob Heaps covering the screen as Nick Laren, Nolan Gerard Funk playing the role of Dan Fallon. Matthew Rauch enacting Marty Adler, and Roby Attal enacting Justin Coleman.

Then we have Ingrid’s little season, who also appears in some scenes. Her name is Lina Yun, and Lena Ahn is the actress who plays her role. Then we have Desmond Chiam, who plays Zi-Xin ‘Z’ Min, and Catherine Curtin playing Margo.

The list is endless, and we can expect to see many more new characters after the show’s renewal.

When will the Partner Track Season 2 Trailer be out?

The official trailer for the show’s second installment is not yet out. It will probably come out after the renewal is confirmed and the official release date for the second part is announced. Until then, you can watch the trailer for the first season on Netflix or YouTube using the link below.

In this trailer, we meet Ingrid, the protagonist. She tells us how cutthroat the competition is for being a partner in a law firm. She tells us how hard she had to work for 6 years to finally get so close to this goal. We also see her dating one of the most eligible bachelors in New York, but we can also see her struggling for time to have a personal life.

We also know that the love of her life from ages ago is returning and, on the other hand, competing with her rivals to get the case that can give her a golden ticket to her goal. She is portrayed as a workaholic and struggles with being a person of color in the firm.

We also know that she may not know who she is as she doesn’t spend enough time doing what she loves. Yet, her friends keep reminding her to enjoy life. With all this already happening, we can only so much imagine how the series is going to be.

Partner Track Season 2 Storyline

The story revolves around a Korean-American woman who strives to partner in a renowned firm in New York. As the story continues, Ingrid is on her way to becoming a first-generation partner at a New York law firm.

Partner Track Season 2 Storyline

While chasing that goal, she meets someone from her past who makes her realize a lot about herself, and she has a change in her thought process and decides to find herself in her journey of becoming the person she wants to be and achieving all her goals.

The story focuses on the challenges in her journey and the people she meets who make her question things about herself and many other aspects of life. We get to see Ingrid’s personal and professional life and how this aspiring woman faces all the challenges that come to her.

The Conclusion

Another season for Partner Track is in demand by the fans. The show aired in August 2022; directors and platforms have not announced show renewal since then. The majority of the series are pre-planned for more than one season, while others aren’t, which is quite okay.

However, in a recent announcement, Netflix announced that there won’t be a season 2 or any answers for the cliffhangers left in season 1.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? Please share your experience and tell us what to expect from the upcoming season. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to bookmark our page for further updates on the show.

Happy Binge-Watching!

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