Is DanMachi Season 5 Release Date Confirmed?

DanMachi, also known as “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon,” is a Japanese fantasy anime based on a light novel by Fujino Ōmori.

This anime debuted back on April 4, 2015. This anime became famous with the viewers as soon as it aired and was able to beat many other light novels that came out back then. Currently, season 4 of the show has aired all its episodes.

The show was renewed for a second season on February 18, 2018, and released on July 13, 2019. The second installment concluded on September 28, 2019. It got a 7.4 rating on IMDb, proving it is worth a watch. Season 3 aired released in 2020, while the fourth was released earlier this year only. It premiered on July 23, 2022.

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Name DanMachi
Language Japnese
Genre Anime
Creator Toshio Sato
Streaming HiDive
Release Date July 22, 2022

Is DanMachi Season 5 Release Date confirmed?

DanMachi Season 5 Renewal Status

Fans had to wait for the second and fourth seasons due to the delay caused by Covid. Unfortunately, it is taking longer than expected, and the wait has been killing us all. Recently, the makers have officially confirmed that DanMachi Season 5 is coming.

However, the production of an Anime usually takes one or two years. Thus, it can be speculated that season 5 of this fantastic anime come anytime in 2024.

Who should expect the DanMachi Season 5 Cast?

The voice cast of DanMachi season 4 is given below, as the cast for season 5 is not yet out, so you can review the cast for the previous season.

We have our well-known Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who voices the character Bell Cranel, the protagonist in the show. Next up, we have Inori Minase voicing Princess Hestia.

DanMachi Season 5 Cast

Then we have Haruka Tomatsu voicing Eina Tulle, joining Maaya Sakamoto voicing Artemis, and Saori Hayami as Ryū Lyon.

Next, Saori Ōnishi voices Aiz Wallenstein, and Shizuka Ishigami voices Syr Flover. Then, to complete the cast, we have Soma Saito, Hermes, Yōko Hikasa voices Freya, Yoshimasa Hosoya voices Welf Crozzo, and Yurika Kubo voices Loki. And lastly, Juri Kimura voices the character Lefiya Viridis.

Is there any DanMachi Season 5 Trailer out?

The trailer for DanMachi Season 5 has not been released, but you can watch the trailer for the previous seasons on YouTube. You can watch the trailer for season 4 below.

In this trailer, we meet all the great gods living among the humans, and we all meet the adventurers who are high-spirited and want to get stronger.

We see as Hestia tells us how many things have happened until now, and whenever they felt like the task was impossible, they said they wanted to be heroes who gave them the strength to overcome hard times. But, as the new adventure begins, what awaits them is a great fall.

What can you expect from the DanMachi Season 5 storyline?

DanMachi, or Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, is an anime set in a fantasy world and a city named Oriaro. This place is a place where a lot of gods reside. In this city, groups of adventurers explore the dungeon and are hunters of the monsters living there.

This story depicts the life of Bell Cranel, who is saved by one of the swordsmen in the dungeon. Bell is the person who serves the goddess Hestia, who is among one of the goddesses living in this fictional city. He grows stronger every time he defeats a monster in the dungeon while retrieving crystal shards found there.

DanMachi Season 5 Storyline

As the show commences, we see Bell on one of his dungeon expeditions, where he faces a monster named Vouivre, somewhat similar to a dragon. Still, later on, he finds out that the beast is not dangerous, and she speaks in the human tongue.

Therefore, he rescues her from the dungeon and takes her to Hestia, who welcomes her lovingly. After seeing how friendly and harmless the monster is, Hestia starts wondering if some dragons may not be dangerous.

The Conclusion

DanMachi Season 5 has not received the green signal as of now. However, the show renewal status is due to the previous season. The show has received a 7.4 rating out of 10 on IMDb. Overall, it is one of the series that you must watch once.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? Let us know what you expect from the upcoming show. Stay tuned and bookmark our page for further updates regarding the show.

Happy Binge-Watching!

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