Home Before Dark Season 3 Release Date: Will It Ever Happen?

Home Before Dark is an American series about mystery and a bit of teen drama. Dana Fox and Dara Resnik created this drama, and debuted on April 3, 2022. It is an Apple TV+ production, and the series was released with 2 seasons and 20 episodes.

Each season consisted of 10 episodes with a runtime of 41-57 minutes. The series got renewed for a second season, which premiered on June 11, 2021. The series was inspired by a young journalist named Hilde Lysiak.

The series got a top-notch rating of 7.4 on IMDb and 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show is rated as TV-14 in the US. The story revolves around a teenage girl who moves to a small lakeside town from a big city and tries to uncover a mysterious case.

It has gained a lot of popularity and has interested netizens a lot. Due to this, many people have been flocking in to find out about its third season. This article contains everything you need to know about Home Before Dark Season 3, so keep reading!

Does Home Before Dark Season 3 A Release Date?

Home Before Dark Season 3 Renewal Status

No official announcement on whether the series has been renewed for the third season. The series will renew for another season, as there were a lot of cliffhangers after season 2. There is no official release date yet for Apple Tv+ for the third season. Stay tuned for any further updates.

Take A Look At The Awesome Cast For Home Before Dark Season 3

The main cast will return for another fan-favorite season of this fabulous drama. This means Prince, Sturgess, Abby Miller as Bridget Jensen, and Kylie Rogers as Izzy Lisko will return for another journey. As for the rest of the cast members, a few are likely to return who are important.

Home Before Dark Season 3 Cast

Cast members that might return for Home Before Dark Season 3 are Brooklynn Prince reenacting as Hilde Lisko. Also, Jim Sturgess plays the role of Matthew Lisko, Abby Miller portrays Bridget Jensen, Louis Herthum acts as Frank Briggs Sr., Michael Weston as Frank Briggs Jr., Kylie Rogers reenacts as Izzy Lisko and Aziza Scott as Mackenzie “Trip” Johnson.

Other expected cast members for the third season include Adrian Hough playing the role of Jack Fife, Joelle Carter playing Kim Collins, Jibrail Nantambu as Donny Davis, Deric McCabe portraying Wesley “Spoon” Witherspoon, and finally Rio Mangini, who plays the role of Ethan.

Does Home Before Dark Season 3 Have An Official Trailer?

Considering that the series hasn’t been renewed for season 3, there is also no official release date for the third installment. Thus, you can’t expect any official trailer for the third season.

Fans are patiently waiting for the trailer to see what Home Before Dark Season 2 has in store for them. Is someone going to die in the next season? What will be the young investigators upto in the next season? We will update you on any further changes.

What Will The Storyline Be For Season 3 Of Home Before Dark?

The series commences when a city girl moves to her father’s small lakeside town. She tries to tell a mysterious secret that everyone tries to hide from her.

The story showcases her life in the town and a lot of teen drama. The secret is a cold case that she is hell-bent on solving. The story moves forward and shows the struggle she has in doing so. As new evidence is found, arrests are made, and Hilde goes missing, Matt confronts his worst dream.

Home Before Dark Season 3 Storyline

Season 2 commences as the teen girl tries to convince the whole town to join her battle. Hilde finally finds what she has been looking for, but the struggle is nowhere near the end. At the end of season 2, there are still a lot of secrets yet to be discovered.

Thus, the third season will likely pick up from the cliffhangers left in the second one. Finally, the season concludes with Hilde and her loved ones successfully rallied the town to join together and arrest the executives of Strata Tech for their crimes.

However, that’s not the end of the narrative because the last moments of Season 2 are set up for Season 3 with a fresh case.

At the end of Season 2, Hilde and her pals stumble upon a murder scene. However, the most stunning fact is that someone stole Hilde’s diary and brought it to the scene of the murder to be marked as evidence.

It appears that Hilde will not have to force herself into the investigation the second time, as she is somehow involved in the crime.

Season 3 may take a more somber tone, with Hilde being discouraged from investigating the killing owing to the macabre. Still, we know nothing can stop the young journalist from doing her job.

All of this just makes the audience anticipate the third season even more!

What Is The Renewal Status Of Home Before Dark Season 3?

Unfortunately, no official announcement about the show’s renewal for the third season exists. But we will inform you as soon as the show is renewed. You can watch the series’ first two seasons on its original network, AppleTV+.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? Let us know which character you like the most and whom you want to see. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for further updates!

Happy Binge-Watching!

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