Diary of a Gigolo Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and More

Diary of a Gigolo is an American drama. It is a Netflix original released in Spanish and known as Diario de un Gigolo in Spanish. Only a single season has been released, with ten episodes.

The runtime of the show is about 43-59 minutes. Sebastian Ortega is the show’s creator, and Mariano Ardanaz is the director. The show scored 7.5 ratings out of 10 on IMDb but only 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Who doesn’t love murder, unplanned romance, and a lot of suspense? This is the show for you if you love everything mentioned in the previous sentence.

The show revolves around Job Gigolo, the man who gets financial support from a woman who is usually older than him for being her lover or escort.

Is the Diary Of A Gigolo Season 2 release date confirmed?

Season 1 premiered on September 7, 2022, after being delayed for eight months. Season 1 aired in January 2022, but it only came out in September this year for unknown reasons. All ten episodes were released on Netflix on the same day.

Diary of a Gigolo Season 2 Renewal Status

At the moment, though, sadly, it is not known if there will be a second season or not. Also, as telenovelas go, there isn’t much room for a second part.

So, there is a high chance that the series might not get season 2 as the producers have not planned another season. But you can bookmark our page and stay tuned for any further updates.

Whom to expect in Diary of a Gigolo Season 2 Cast?

Since there is no knowledge of the second part, it is also hard to predict the cast. But if the series gets renewed, some main characters, including the client’s family and the Gigolo, may return. Until then, review below the cast for the first season to get an idea of who may be coming back.

Jesus Castro acts as Emanuel, the guy who works as a Gigolo, i.e., an escort who gets mixed up with his client’s family, more personally than he should be.

Diary of a Gigolo Season 2 Cast

Next up, we have his client’s family, Victoria White, who plays the role of Julia, a girl traumatized by a childhood accident where she survived, but he father wasn’t so lucky. Julia is the girl Emanuel is paid to help and get close to, so she has someone to talk to and is not so lonely.

Further, we have Julia’s mom, Ana, played by Fabiola Campomanes, who is rich and pays Emanuel to escort Julia out of her mystery. Other cast members include Francisco Denis, who acts as Victor, Begoña Narváez as Florencia, Eugenia Tobal as Dolores, Alosian Vivancos plays the role of Abel, and Adriana Barraza as Minou.

What is Diary Of A Gigolo Season 2 Storyline?

The show revolves around Emanuel, who works as a gigolo and gets involved with one of his clients’ family affairs way more than his job profile allows him to be. A gigolo is an escort, a guy who gets paid to become close to women or become their lover.

Emanuel gets paid by Julia’s mother, Ana, who is a very rich woman. Ana pays him to get close to her daughter so she can talk and express herself to someone. Julia’s dad died in an accident when she was a kid.

Diary of a Gigolo Season 2 Storyline

She was in the car, too, but luckily, she survived in the aftermath of the accident. Julia became an introverted and lonely person who was still depressed and didn’t want to get over the accident, as it left a scar deep inside her.

Soon after, we see Emanuel falling in love with Julia and managing to break the cardinal rule of his job. But this isn’t the normal love story that you might think it is. Following these events, there is a deep mystery to be uncovered. Someone somehow gets murdered in Emanuel’s house, and the police investigate the event that could lead to this murder.

Is the Diary Of A Gigolo Season 2 Trailer out?

The trailer for season 2 is not available. However, it will probably be out as soon as the second season gets the green light. Until then, you can watch the official trailer for the show’s first part on Netflix or YouTube, which is also given below.


In the trailer given above, we can see Ana, Julia’s mom, asking Emanuel to seduce her daughter and telling him what her daughter has been through and why she decided to hire him. She says she will also pay him accordingly.

Then, we see Emanuel “accidentally” meeting Julia, which was not an accident but was all preplanned. What was not preplanned, though, was his falling for Julia, which you witness later in the trailer. Ana learns about this and asks him to end it.

In the next scene, we see Emanuel getting arrested for someone’s murder in his house, and he denies the charges against him. To watch whose body was in Emanuel’s house and if Emanuel was really behind the murder or not. Watch Diary of a Gigolo season 1.

Parents Guide

For all the concerned parents, you should know that, as the name suggests, there are a lot of nudity and vulgar scenes in the show.

There is also some violence and murder, as you can read above. The show is rated A on Netflix, so make sure you are of the appropriate age to watch the show.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? Let us know which character you like the most and what you expect from the show’s upcoming season. Stay tuned and bookmark our page for more such content and the latest updates regarding the show.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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