The Misery Index Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

Will the Misery Index be returning for a fourth season? The Misery Index is truly one of our favorite comedy game shows out there. It is always fun to watch, no matter what kind of game show.

Honestly, everyone wishes to be invited to those fun game shows at least once in their lifetime. From exciting competitions to thrilling prizes, game shows are everything you need.

Like every game show, The Misery Index is based on a specific game. This game is the card game called Shit Happens. It also has the Tenderloins, which makes the show a hundred times better.

The Tenderloins is a group of comedians consisting of James “Murr” Murry, Brain Q Quinn, and Sal Vulcano, and it also has a former member, Joe Gatto.

In the games, two teams will consist of Two Tenderloins members (this happened before Joe Gatto left the group) and two non-celebrity contestants.

They will be ranking embarrassing moments from sending the wrong message to the wrong person or cleaning your teeth in front of someone’s car without knowing that someone is in it.

These moments are ranked on a scale of 1–100 and always ensure the audience laughs while rolling on the floor. Fans do not want to stop having a fun time and are hoping to watch a new season as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn about the release date, cast, trailer, storyline, premiere date, and renewal status.

What is The Misery Index Season 4 Release Date?

The Misery Index Season 4 Renewal Status

The release date for The Misery Index Season 4 has not been decided. The last episode of the Misery Index, aka the last episode of the third season, was titled “That’s Not Snowflake!” and aired on May 29, 2022.

Unfortunately, it has been only a few months since the season ended, so we can wait a bit more to find out when the fourth season’s episodes will air. We will update you as soon as the show’s networking channel, TBS, decides to confirm the release date of the fourth season of the Misery Index!

Whom to expect in The Misery Index Season 4 Cast?

The cast is one of the biggest reasons the show is liked by its viewers. Why would the viewers not like them when they are so funny? Unfortunately, there are usually no confirmed cast members of The Misery Index except for a few permanent cast members and the host.

The expected cast members of The Misery Index consist of Jameela Jamil as the host of the game show The Misery Index, Brain “Q” Quinn as a permanent cast member of The Misery Index, James “Murr” Murray, who is a permanent cast member of The Misery Index, and Sal Vulcano. He is also a permanent cast member of The Misery Index.

The Misery Index Season 4 Cast

Jameela Jamil is an English comedian, actress, host, and activist. She started to gain fame as a host after hosting The Official Chart. She was also a solo female presenter for the BBC Radio 1 chart show.

In addition, the actress has worked in the DC League of Super-Pets and the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Moreover, Brain “Q” Quinn is an American podcaster, actor, comedian, and a part of the Tenderloins.

Next, James “Murr” Murray is an American author, actor, producer, and comedian part of the Tenderloins. Lastly, Sal Vulcano is an American actor, producer, and stand-up comedian in the comedy troupe The Tenderloins.

Has The Misery Index Season 4 Trailer out?

A trailer for The Misery Index Season 4 has not yet been released. Fans can not see what the new season will be about and are patiently waiting for the trailer. They already see the cast members having a blast ranking the embarrassing moments and having an awesome time with them.

What is The Misery Index Season 4 Storyline all about?

The Misery Index Season 4 will follow the same storyline as the previous seasons. Two pretend situations are created, and the contestant’s most praiseworthy story will be given the prize.

The fun show will continue with many more new contestants in the coming episodes! The major portion of the game comprises three rounds, each of which involves rating and ranking depressing real-life stories.

The Misery Index Season 4 Storyline

The ratings range from one to one hundred and are based on the “Three Pillars of Misery,” which include physical pain, emotional trauma, and long-term psychological damage.

The ratings were decided by a panel of psychologists on a numerical scale from one to one hundred. At the beginning of each episode, the contestants share a personal tale with the audience, but the judges’ scores are kept secret. Further, The Misery Index Season 4 will have the same flair as the previous seasons.

Has The Misery Index Season 4 Been Renewed?

The Misery Index has not been renewed for a fourth season yet. It is rumored that the show will not be renewed, but fans hope it is not true. The makers officially canceled the show in August 2023.

The Conclusion

The Misery Index has collected a lot of fans through the humor of its main game and its cast members. Many viewers view the show as a happy pill because of all the jokes made by the cast.

Fans would vote it a ten on a scale of 1-10 if they had to vote for the show. While waiting for the new season, you can watch The Misery Index on Amazon Prime Video.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? Let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for more such content, and don’t forget to bookmark our page regarding the upcoming season.

Happy Binge-Watching!

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