Turner And Hooch Season 2: Will It Ever Happen?

Turner and Hooch is an action-comedy series that serves as a legacy sequel to the 1989 movie of the same name. The show is created and written by Matt Nix, an exclusive producer in partnership with Flying Glass of Milk Productions, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and 20th Television.

The story is about U.S. Marshal Scott Turner and his unruly dog, Hooch, who was given to him by his late father. They partner up to solve crimes, and Scott learns more about the case his father was working on before he seemingly had a heart attack.

It is the third overall installment to the Turner and Hooch franchise. The series premiered on Disney+ exclusively on July 21, 2021. The critics gave a negative thought, scoring 57 on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, fans appreciated it more and gave it an audience score of 88%; therefore, we have decided to bring all the information regarding the show’s latest updates over the table.

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Release Date

No official renewal for Turner and Hooch from Disney+ has yet been officially renewed. Therefore, there will be a release date once Disney renews the series for season 2. After a season of airing, the show Turner and Hooch is canceled. Season 2 of Turner and Hooch is going to take longer.

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Cast

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Cast

If there is a renewal for Season 2 of Turner and Hooch, we can expect the prominent cast members to reprise their roles from Season 1. In addition, we can also expect the return of the five French mastiffs that play Hooch throughout Season 1.

  • Josh Peck is acting as Scott Turner Jr., the son of the late Det. Scott Turner ends up inheriting an unruly dog. He is buttoned down and ambitious.
  • Carra Patterson acts as Jessica Baxter, who sharply contrasts Scott’s personality. She is brave and quick-thinking, but her sense of humor often leads her into trouble.
  • Lyndsy Fonseca plays the role of Laura Turner, Scott’s sister and a veterinary assistant. She is the one who bought Hooch for Scott.
  • Vanessa Lengies plays the role of Erica Mouniere, a dog trainer for the U.S. Marines who trains Hooch at the K-9 facility.
  • Brandon Jay McLaren, acting as Xavier “X” Wilson, a marine-turned-US Marshal, is described as “cool and enigmatic and a bit quirky.” Despite being a cat lover, he develops a soft spot for Hooch.
  • Jeremy Maguire acts as the character Matthew Garland, Scott’s nephew, who is thrilled when Scott inherits Hooch.
  • Anthony Ruivivar serves as James Mendez, Scott’s boss, and a US Marshal Chief. He authorized Hooch to receive K-9 training after Hooch helped solve a case.

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Trailer

Since the show got canceled, no trailer for Turner and Hooch Season 2 has been available. In the case of an upcoming season, fans can expect the trailer to be released a few months before the show’s premiere. You can watch the trailer for the first season below.

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Storyline

The story of Turner and Hooch is loosely based on the death of Scott Sr. In Season 1, Scott and Turner learn the basics of being a K-9 team while battling different scenarios. They also had to cope with the politics and complications of being a K-9 team.

Season 1’s final episode gave us a pleasant finish to the series. It gave us scenes from Scott and Jessica’s wedding, a new work, children’s antics, Hooch, etc.

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Storyline

It will probably start where Scott and Hooch left off if a new season comes. There can be a central mystery that they will need to solve.

Unlike some shows that end in cliffhangers, Turner and Hooch ended with a satisfying finale. Unfortunately, it is hard to visualize a new narrative for the show.

Turner And Hooch Renewal Status

Turner and Hooch Season 1 ended satisfyingly, and will not return for a second season. Disney canceled the show after the first season on December 2, 2021.

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Renewal Status

The show’s creators have done justice as they don’t want to tangle up things. Season 1 acted like a legacy sequel to the film 1989 by the same name. So, there will be no Turner and Hooch Season 2 release.

The Conclusion

Since Disney has canceled the show, Turner and Hooch Season 2 will not happen. However, the final episode of Season 1 of Turner and Hooch gave us closure and a happy ending for the main characters.

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