The Resort Season 2 on Peacock: Renewed or Canceled?

Is the dark comedy American series The Resort going to get a second season? Many people love the genre of dark comedy itself. But, not every day can you watch something that can make you laugh in the darkest times. Now, coming back to the series’ storyline, have you ever planned a trip?

Of course, things can go wrong, such as one of the travelers losing their passports, etc., but things took a different turn for this couple. Noah and Emma, an awesome couple, decided to go on a trip for their 10th anniversary.

For this trip, they decided to vacation in the Mayan Riveria. However, as they try to figure out their marriage and personal matters, Noah and Emma face bigger problems.

While riding in the forest, Emma discovers a mystery about a couple that came to the Resort fifteen years ago. Noah and Emma try to crack their case together, but do they know it is unsafe? Unfortunately, due to the cliffhanger at the end of season 1, fans are breathlessly waiting for The Resort Season 2.

So, without further ado, let us start getting you to know about the release date, cast, trailer, storyline, premiere date, and the renewal status of The Resort Season 2.

What is the Resort Renewal Status?

Well, till April 2024, there is no official announcement made by the makers for season 2. The creator Andy Siara said in an interview with Deadline that The Resort Season 2 is in the talks but no solid step has been taken.

The Resort Season 2 Renewal Status

Basically, the show has not reached the greenlit yet but soon it will be renewed as Season 1 has left with a lot of cliffhangers.

What is the expected Resort Season 2 Release Date?

The release date of The Resort Season 2 has not been decided. The first season of the Resort aired from July 28, 2022, to September 1, 2022. In this period, eight episodes of the series were released.

Since it has not even been days since the release of the show’s first season, we can expect to get a confirmation for the release date of season 2 in the future.

It would be too good to be true if the release date for the show’s second season was already out by now. By speculation, you can say it might air in June or July of 2023. Also, just stick with us for any updates on the release date of The Resort Season 2.

Whom to expect in The Resort Season 2 Cast?

The Resort Cast had done a splendid job of captivating the audience with their performance. It is really hard to pull off the mystery and thriller concept mixed with humor, but the cast had done everything so amazingly that fans did not even realize that they had put a lot of practice into it.

Fans hope that all the main cast members will be able to return for the next season of The Resort.

Although the creators have not confirmed it, the expected cast members of season 2 are William Jackson Harper (the husband of Emma, Noah), Christin Milioti (the wife of Noah, Emma).

The Resort Season 2 Cast

Luis Gerardo Méndez (the head of security at the Resort circa 2007, Baltasar Frías), and Skyler Gisondo (a tourist who had been close to Violet and was a tourist who disappeared years ago).

Another cast member is Nina Bloomgarden (a tourist who disappeared along with Sam fifteen years ago named Violet Thompson). Moreover, Gabriela Carton (a resort concierge named Luna) and Nick Offerman as the father of Violet.

He had come to Mayan Riveria with his daughter, Murray Thompson. Fans can’t wait to see them on the screen once more. Not to mention, there will also be more new characters to unveil the bits of mystery in the series.

Is the Resort Season 2 Trailer out?

The Resort Season 2 trailer has not been released to the public yet. However, fans cannot wait to see what the main characters will be up to in the next season.

The trailer could consist of the characters back in the jungle again, trying to solve mind-wrenching mysteries to find missing people. They also want many of their questions to be answered by the upcoming season. We will update you as soon as a trailer for The Resort Season 2 has been released!

The Resort Season 2 Storyline

Noah and Emma are a couple who have come on a vacation to Mayan Riveria in honor of their 10th anniversary. Unfortunately, while pounding over the falling marriage, they meet with problems that distract them from their matters.

Emma discovers that fifteen years ago, two tourists, Sam and Violet, disappeared mysteriously, and their bodies were not found. This mystery was solved by the end of the first season, although fans still have many questions.

The Resort Season 2 Storyline

In season 1 end, Luna and Baltasar are having drinks. Then Baltasar decides to go to Pasaje and try going in the white water for 30 seconds, while Luna declines the offer.

Fans notice that he is leaving; he has the silhouette of him, Luna, and Alex stitched to his suit and hands Luna a note. After reading the note, Luna rushes up to him. What was in the note? Can this be related to Alex? Can you hear the viewers?

The Conclusion

The Resort is a show that became popular due to the mix of comedy and mystery in the episodes. Not to forget about the wholesome relationships between the characters of the show.

While waiting for the second season, look for clues in the first season’s episodes on Peacock. Overall, the show has received 7.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. So, you should watch the series if you like dark comedy.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? Let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for more such content, and bookmark this page to get the latest updates regarding the show.

Happy Binge-Watching!

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