Are The Good Place Season 5 Release Date Rumors True?

Everyone mostly looks for comedy-filled shows that can give you a good laugh. They work as stress relief on most hectic days or weekends. The same goes for The Good Place series, which can bring light to your sad and boring day.

The Good Place was created by Michael Schur and produced by David Miner, Morgan Sackett, Drew Goddard, and others.

The series aired on the famous television network NBC and received a lot of positive acclamation for its amazing plot, the performance of its cast, direction, setting, and tone. The series can also be watched on the famous OTT platform Netflix, which differs from the NBC network.

This article will bring all the information for The Good Place Season 5 renewal, release, and more!

Is The Good Place Season 5 Release Date confirmed?

The release date of The Good Place season 5 has not been announced yet, as the show stands on hold for renewal. However, if we consider the timeline of the release of previous seasons, we can expect The Good Place season 5 to release in September 2022.

The Good Place Season 5 Cast

The Good Place Season 5 Cast

The series cast received a lot of positive criticism for their amazing performance on the screen. We can expect the same enthusiasm from the cast of The Good Place Season 5. Here is a list of all the expected cast of The Good Place Season 5:-

As Eleanor Shellstrop, Kristen Bell is one of the series’ main characters. She was a mean and selfish saleswoman in a pharmaceutical company. After she passed away, she was sent to a good place by mistake in place of a good lawyer who saved innocent clients from a death sentence.

William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye plays an important role in the series apart from Eleanor. He is a deceased professor of Ethics and moral philosophy.

He was assigned as Eleanor’s soulmate in Michael’s first Good Place experiment to teach her ethics lessons so that she could be a better person.

Jameela Jamil portrays the character of Tahani Al-Jamil, a deceased philanthropist and fashion model. D’Arcy Carden plays the role of Janet.

Manny Jacinto covers the screen as Jason Mendoza, a deceased disk jockey and drug dealer who ended up in a good place by mistake. American actor Ted Danson plays the character of Michael.

Apart from this cast, we can expect new faces in The Good Place Season 5.

When to expect the Good Place Season 5 Trailer?

The series trailer has yet to be available on any platform, as there is no news on the series renewal for season 5. In December 2020 the show makers called off the series and said season 4 is the last. Unfortunately, there will be no The Good Place Season 5 coming.

The Good Place Season 5 Storyline

The Good Place Season 5 Storyline

The series storyline is based on the afterlife, where humans are sent to ‘the good place’ or ‘the bad place.’ The title of the story was picked based on the same idea.

The series narrates the story of a girl named Elanor who is sent to A Good Place by mistake. The rest of the series revolves around her journey to stay in a good place without being sent to a bad place.

The Good Place Renewal Status

The Good Place Season 5 Renewal Status

Season 4 is the last, as said by the series’ makers. The Good Place Season 5 has already been officially canceled, and we will not see more seasons. Michael Schur the creator, has said we have a satisfactory ending and don’t want to extend the storyline.


The Good Place series is an interesting show filled with comedy, fantasy, and drama. The series storyline is based on the afterlife and is a complete package for laughter.

The show has positive acclamations and reviews and received many Awards like the Peabody and Hugo Awards. The series received an IMDb rating of 8.2/10, which is enough to tell about the huge fans and following the series has gathered so far.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? If you have yet to watch the series, give it a watch and share your experience of the show. Stay tuned and bookmark this page for regular updates and news regarding the show.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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