The A List Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Trailer, and More!

Are you all missing the supernatural show thrills? All those goosebumps and chills they give throughout the episodes? Are you missing out on Mia, Amber, Kayleigh, and company on screen?

Will Netflix renew the show for another season? Although the show concluded its second season yesterday, in June 2021, the fans are speculating about its next season with some common queries. You need not worry; we are here with all the updated information for your curious minds.

Created by Nina Metivier and Dan Berlinka, The A-List is a supernatural mystery thriller drama television show on BBC and its digital streaming platform Netflix. The show’s plot revolves around a group of teenage kids who arrive on a mysterious island for their summer vacations and are trapped by mysterious supernatural powers there.

The show was released on BBC on October 25, 2018, and received a positive response after shifting to Netflix. As a result, it is renewed for season 2, which was released last year on June 25, 2021. This article will uncover every possible information regarding season 3 of the show.

The A List Season 3 Release Date

The show’s makers have the next season in their minds, and rumors are spreading that they will announce it later this year. The second season was released last year on June 25, 2021, and soon, we can expect good news for another one.

The A List Season 3 Storyline

The response from the audience and critics for both seasons was positive, which could influence the maker’s mind to bring it back as soon as possible.

Though the official release dates for its next season have yet to be announced, the fans eagerly await some good news. Following its previous release patterns, we expect The A List Season 3 to be released on October 25, 2022.

However, we must wait till any official announcement, or you can also re-enjoy the show exclusively on its digital streaming platform, Netflix. Stay Tuned for more updates on the official release dates!

The A List Season 3 Cast

The fans are already excited about the next season of the supernatural show. Their eagerness to experience the chill and thrills again and watch their favorite characters back on screen has brought them to the edge of their seats.

The A List Season 3 Cast

The show makers have not made any official announcement for its next season, but we expect the characters from previous seasons to reprise their roles. They are listed as follows:-

  • Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia
  • Ellie Duckles as Amber
  • Savannah Baker as Kayleigh
  • Cian Barry as Dave
  • Eleanor Bennett as Jenna
  • Barnaby Tobias as Dev
  • Benjamin Nugent as Harry
  • Rosie Dwyer as Alex

A lot of other cast are there who played some of the most important plays. We might see some new faces as well in Season 3.

The A List Season 3 Trailer

The next season of the supernatural thriller show is already rumored, and fans are eagerly waiting for its third season to release. The trailer is an overview of any movie or show that gives an idea of its storyline.

However, the casting, filming, and post-production works are completed before the trailer’s release. According to the gossip, the next season will be announced later this year, but the makers have just released an official trailer.

However, you can enjoy several fan-made edits, theories, and trailers of previous seasons on YouTube and its digital streaming platform Netflix.

Following the earlier release patterns, we expect The A List Season 3 trailer to be released in September 2022. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the trailer for next season!

The A List Season 3 Renewal Status

This thriller show was last officially renewed in December 2019 for its second season, released on June 25, 2021. So the show has not been renewed till now. But there are rumors that the makers are thinking of making a comeback.

The A List Season 3 Renewal Status

We must patiently wait till any official announcement is made. Following the rumors, we expect The A List Season 3 to be renewed on July 2024. But no official news has confirmed the show’s return.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on this!

The Conclusion

Netflix never fails to leave its fans awestruck by thriller shows. So many other shows give the audience the perfect goosebumps and chills, like Alive, Insidious, Death Note, The Conjuring, The Nun, Veronica, etc.

This supernatural thriller, The A List, is one of them, and it became more popular when it shifted from BBC to Netflix. The filming and production works were delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols but were released soon after everything was normal.

The fans are now demanding a third straight season, and it will be a treat for them if the makers soon announce it. Halloween will be the best time in the year to release its next part, and the makers will hopefully target that time only.

The first season was also released during Halloween in October, and the third season is likely to be released simultaneously. It will double the excitement and craze of the show among its fans and will be unforgettable.

The critics, too, have praised the acting of young lads in the show, the storyline, and the screenplay. It has a decent score of 52%, the average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 5.3/10 on IMDB.

We hope the show continues and the fans love it the same way. The fans’ love might motivate the show makers to start working on the next part soon and give them a perfect treat.

We will update you about other official developments on the show’s next season. Until then, you can wait patiently or re-enjoy the show’s previous seasons exclusively on its digital streaming platform, Netflix.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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