Is There Any Possibility Of The 100 Season 8?

Apocalypse can change the way we live. The world itself means the destruction of a very high magnitude that any phenomenon can cause.

Many sci-fi dramas have come up in the last few decades that talk about the various possible apocalypses that People on Earth might face, some being Zombie Apocalypse, Chemically caused Apocalypse or even Nuclear Apocalypse.

The 100 is an American television series based on survivors of a Nuclear Apocalypse and the post-apocalyptic condition of life on Earth caused by the Nuclear Apocalypse.

Jason Rothenberg developed the show The 100, and a small part of it was adopted from the Novel The 100 by famous American author and Editor Kass Morgan. The show The 100 was produced by Jason Rothenberg, Leslie Morgenstein, Bruce Miller, Matt Miller, Gina Girolamo, and others.

Apart from The CW network, the show can be watched on the famous OTT platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The show has narrated every possible situation that can arise after an apocalypse.

If the show’s makers consider the huge fan base and the good amount of revenue it has generated, they might rethink their decision and create a new season.

The 100 Season 8 Release Date

The show The 100 stands canceled as per the last official update. Thus, the release date of The 100 Season 8 cannot be assumed. But considering the amount of love the show has from its viewers, its makers might come up with a renewal announcement soon for the series.

The 100 Season 8 Cast

The 100 Season 8 Cast

The cast and members of The 100 have received immense love from its audience. They have also received positive remarks for their outstanding performance on the screen. We hope The 100 Season 8 will return with the same hype they created in the last 7 seasons.

Here is a list of all the possible cast of The 100 Season 8:-

  • Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, one of the main characters of the series
  • Paige Turco as Abigail “Abby” Griffin
  • Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake
  • Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
  • Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Cain
  • Lindsay Morgan as Raven Reyes
  • Shelby Flannery as Hope Diyoza
  • Chuku Modu as Gabriel Santiago

We can expect a few new casts on the screen of The 100 Season 8, depending on the series’s storyline. Unfortunately, the show has already been canceled officially, and we will not witness season 8.

The 100 Season 8 Trailer

The 100 Season 8 trailer is unavailable on any platform as the show remains canceled per recent updates. Expecting a trailer for season 8 is just a waste of time, but you can bookmark this page for further updates. Till now, the show remains canceled, and we won’t be having any further seasons.

The 100 Season 8 Storyline

This series combines action, science fiction, mystery, drama, and adventure. The storyline of the series The 100 is based on the post-apocalyptic situation of earth and the survivors of the apocalypse.

The 100 Season 8 Storyline

The series revolves around the life and journey of the apocalypse survivors. The series also shows the struggle and fight for survival amongst various groups and clans that survived the apocalypse.

The series mainly focuses on the people who stayed back on earth after the apocalypse, like the grounders, the reapers who are just another type of grounders but have turned into cannibals, and the mountain men who are descendants of people who locked themselves away from the apocalypse.

The other survivors of the apocalypse are those who left Earth and started staying in space called Ark. The main narration of the series begins with 100 juveniles from The Ark returning to Earth to check the habitat of Earth and if it is favorable for life and mankind, as the Ark was becoming inhabitable for sustaining life.

However, the twist occurs only when juveniles from the Ark confront the grounders, and a battle between the four groups starts for survival.

The 100 Renewal Status

The 100 Season 8 Renewal Status

According to the last update, the show makers of The 100 declared season 7 to be the last and final season of the series. However, later in January 2021, the makers announced that a prequel of the series is under consideration to show what happened 97 years before the original series began.

But later, in November 2021, The CW Network declared the prequel series canceled and said they would not proceed.

The Conclusion

The series The 100 is a fantastic sci-fi drama that explores the possible situation of the earth after an apocalypse. The show received a 7.6/10 IMDb rating, enough to tell the craze among its audience and fans.

If you have not watched the series, start watching it before a new season or prequel is declared. Then, stay tuned and bookmark this page for further updates and news regarding the show for more updates on the show.

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