Why There Won’t Be Superstore Season 7? Explained

Superstore is an American sitcom TV show that first aired on NBC on November 13, 2015. This show was created by Justin Spitzer, who has served as an executive producer for all four seasons

This show has produced a total of 6 seasons now. The first season premiered on November 30, 2015, and then the show decided to renew itself for the second season, which premiered on August 19, 2016.

Later, the creator got a fantastic response from the audience, and he decided to renew the show for its third season, after which the show was renewed for its fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons within a gap of 1 year between seasons.

Superstore Season 7 Release Date

We are sorry that the show has finally concluded and won’t be a season 7. However, this show has always been great entertainment for everyone.

Most of the fans have always wanted to have season 7, but the major problem faced by this show was that they had to increase their cost from different backgrounds. So they thought it would be a problem and ended the story by declaring the sixth season the final.

Superstore Season 7 Cast

We have already confirmed that the show will not release a season 7, which is sad news for most fans. But if they decide to renew the season, the cast may remain the same. Besides that, let us talk about the cast of previous seasons.

America Ferrera covers the screen as Amy. The level-headed and ambitious lead character who had worked at Cloud 9 for 15 years. Amy grappled with her future at the store in the last season, her relationship with Jonah, and being a single mom.

Ben Feldman portrayed the role of Jonah. After years of mutual attraction, the passionate and idealistic Cloud 9 employee finally pursued a romantic relationship with Amy. Jonah’s progressive views often clashed with corporate policies.

Superstore Season 7 Cast

Lauren Ash played the role of Dina. The blunt, overbearing, and rule-obsessed assistant manager dominated the floor with her strict enforcement of policies despite her subordinates’ exasperation.

Colton Dunn has played the role of Garrett. The sardonic, unmotivated, but fun-loving long-time employee who enjoyed slacking off and mocking corporate gimmicks and initiatives.

Nico Santos covers the screen as Mateo. The sarcastic Filipino undocumented immigrant who feared deportation was eventually forced to quit Cloud 9 by the final season. Nichole Sakura has cast the role of Cheyenne.

The young, talkative, and slightly ditzy employee who often overshared about her personal life, including her marriage and child.

Kaliko Kauahi has cast the role of Sandra. The Hawaiian employee navigates a crumbling marriage and finds her voice at work throughout the series. Mark McKinney played the role of Glenn. The kind but powerless store manager who cared for employees but lacked authority against district managers and corporate bigwigs.

We might expect new cast members if Superstore Season 7 comes. But unfortunately, the creators have canceled the show.

Superstore Season 7 Trailer

The show has confirmed that it will not release season 7, so we assure you that it has not yet released any trailer and will not do it anytime soon. The trailer is an overview of the show, so if the show is not going to release any season 7, we will not get any trailer.

Superstore Season 7 Storyline

Superstore Season 7 Storyline

The show has confirmed that they will not release any season 7, and season 6 will be the final season of the whole show. We can assume that the story will be different even if the show releases season 7.

The story has ended, according to the creators, and the makers have already decided not to increase the seasons. We will let you know if we get any updates about this.

Superstore Renewal Status

Superstore Season 7 Renewal Status

The show Superstore was last renewed on October 29, 2020, for the 6th season and later in that year. The officials announced that there would be no renewal of the series and no season 7 of the show. So yes, this sixth season was the show’s last season and was the last renewal, too.

The Conclusion

We would like to tell you that the show already has a huge fan base and has received a 7.8/10 IMDB rating. However, it has received 93% of rotten tomatoes, but that doesn’t matter because 90% of Google users already loved this show and are eagerly waiting for season 7.

Since the show is not releasing season 7, people are very upset worldwide, but now all they can do is watch the previous seasons and enjoy the show. We will be back to you with new updates about this show; until then, happy binge-watch.

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