Stay Close Season 2 Release Date, Rumors, Review, and Spoilers

Released on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2021, Netflix’s hit Crime drama show has been grabbing all sorts of attention since then, and the show may probably have a renewal for the second season! So, let’s look further at everything that may be a part of the show ahead.

Stay Close is a British mystery drama based on the 2012 novel by Harlen Coben, which goes by a similar title. Season one delivered a total of eight episodes. Stay tuned to learn more about season 2 of the show, its release date, and potential storyline.

Stay Close Season 2 Release Date

After the first season was dropped on Netflix, fans eagerly waited for season two to continue with the last episode, which had subtle hints showing there was more to look forward to.

Since the makers have no word of the show’s second season, there is no release date for Stay Close season 2, and by some speculation, we can expect the series to arrive by 2023 like most scripted shows, which are released roughly on an annual cycle.

Stay Close Season 2 Cast

The upcoming season of Stay Close was a close-knit short series. The original cast should be shown again, as the story still has a lot of connecting dots, except for a few minor changes and surprise additions. What is to expect on the casting front? We got the best possible guess list right here.

Stay Close Season 2 Cast

  • Crush Jumbo plays the role of Megan Pierce-Shaw, an engaged mother with three children on the show who was formerly a stripper.
  • James Nesbitt is playing the role of a cop named DS Michael Broome.
  • Richard Armitage plays the photographer and journalist Ray Levine, who is looking for his missing girlfriend.
  • Sarah Parish is cast as Lorraine Griggs, a mysterious person from Meghan’s past.
  • Eddie Izzard portrays Harry Sutton, who plays the role of a lawyer and Meghan’s former associate.
  • Jo Joyner plays DC Erin Cartwright, who played the role of Broomie’s detective partner and ex-wife.
  • Youssef Kerkour plays Fester, who is seen to be cast as Ray’s friend on screen.

There are a lot of cast members playing vital roles, but covering them is not possible for us. Moreover, we can expect new cast members in Stay Close season 2.

Stay Close Season 2 Trailer

Stay Close is the Harlan Coben thriller that has pitched good interest among Netflix members, and viewers are ardently waiting to glimpse the next show.

So far, only the first season of the thriller series is available, and there are no further dates for the trailer, yet the entire show can be seen as a last-minute stunner where some characters in the last episode make one feel maybe there is more to this story.

Until then, you could look at the show again and see if that feels like the same aspect as mentioned here.

Stay Close Season 2 Storyline

Stay Close Season 2 Storyline

Like several other crime thrillers, Stay Close is a show about people troubled with their past, which is now hampering their present lives. However, the characters’ lives are interconnected with a purpose.

Stay Close is exceptionally entertaining for a viewer. The show is built so the viewer can binge-watch as each passing episode develops atmospheric suspense and a tense and dramatic storyline by the characters until the end.

Stay Close Renewal Status

When we look closely, no Harlan Coben book adaptations have ever been produced for season two, and there has yet to be an official statement on the show Renewal.

Stay Close Season 2 Renewal Status

However, in an interview, Richard Armitage from the cast mentioned at that the climax on the show leaves a slight possibility of a continuation as a sequel and quoted that the twisted ending could be a “wonderful opening” for the Stay Close season 2.

The Conclusion

This Netflix show is worthy of a weekend marathon. The show was released a while ago, on December 31, 2021, and got the fans gripped around the storyline, which is pretty magnetic and leaves an itch to know what may further happen.

Have you taken a look at the first season of the show yet? Then, stay tuned, and don’t forget to bookmark our page for further show updates.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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