Will There Be Spirited Away 2? Everything You Need To Know

Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. The fantasy drama was first released in 2001. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any second installment in over two decades. But, of course, the film has received numerous accolades, including 75 Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film.

Now, there are questions that fans have: Will there be a sequel to Spirited Away? Who will play the new characters in the film? We have compiled all of the information here. So stay tuned until the end to learn more about Spirited Away 2.

Spirited Away 2 Release Date

With its release in 2001, the animated film drew a large audience and became a box-office success. The film is widely regarded as one of the best-animated films ever produced. If you’ve seen the film, you’re probably wondering if there will be a sequel.

It is important to note that rumors often float around about the release of Spirited Away 2. However, there has yet to be an official confirmation of the release of a new sequel to the film.

Spirited Away 2 Cast

Spirited Away 2 Cast

Although no official information about the cast of the film’s new release has been released, we have concluded the most anticipated cast for Spirited Away 2:

  • Ogino Chihiro is voiced by Rumi Hiiragi.
  • Haku is voiced by Miyu Irino.
  • Mari Natsuki voices Yubāba and Zeniba.
  • Kamaji is voiced by Bunta Sugawara.
  • Yoomi Tamai voices Rin.
  • Tsunehiko Kamijō voices Chichiyaku.
  • Aniyaku is voiced by Takehiko Ono.
  • Akio Nakamura voices Kaonashi.

The star cast for the show is quite big and featuring each one here is impossible for us. Until now, Spirited Away 2 has not been officially announced, and the network has already announced that there is no plan for its renewal. However, if the movie is coming out in the future, we might expect new cast members.

Spirited Away 2 Trailer

The movie’s creators have not released any trailers or teasers for the new sequel. We should also note that some videos still claim to be trailers for new releases, but they are fan-made and yet to be officially released.

Whether the producers will surprise the film’s fans with a new teaser or trailer remains to be seen. We know you’d like to see glimpses of the film’s sequel, but it’s impossible now.

Spirited Away 2 Storyline

Spirited Away follows a 10-year-old girl named Chihiro Ogino, whose parents are transformed into pigs by a witch as they enter a magical world.

Chihiro meets Haku, a river spirit boy who can transform into a dragon. Haku and Chihiro are both struggling to make their parents human again.

Spirited Away 2 Storyline

At the film’s end, we see that her parents have been converted, and Chihiro safely leaves that place. There is no longer any suspense in the show, so we can guess the plot of the film’s new season. We can expect a new story with more magic, fantasy, and action drama in the show’s new sequel.

Spirited Away 2 Premiere Date

The last time there was a single sequel was its initial release in 2001. Yet, viewers continue to enjoy this film even after all these years. The animated fantasy drama is the best show for any anime fan.

Fans are eager to learn when Spirited Away 2 will premiere. But, we must clarify one point: information has yet to be provided by the show’s creators. And no premiere date for Spirited Away 2 has been announced.

Spirited Away Renewal Status

Spirited Away 2 Renewal Status

Since its release in 2001, many fans have wanted to see the new part of the movie. As a result, several YouTube channels, websites, and videos promise the film’s revival.

But we’re here to put your mind at ease that the film has yet to be renewed. However, the creators have said there is no Spirited Away 2 renewal plan.

The Conclusion

We all know how well-received the film was in its first trailer. Spirited Away is an animated film from Japan, but it has also broken box office records in several other countries. We hope that from the above discussion, you got all the answers you sought regarding Spirited Away 2.

However, until Spirited Away 2 is released, you can watch Part 1 as often as you want on Netflix. Also, let us know your thoughts about the show’s main character, Chihiro. Stay tuned and bookmark our page for further updates and news regarding the show.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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