K-Drama Signal Season 2 Confirmed By Writer Kim Eun-Hee

Is the wait over yet? Will we get to see the series Signal Season 2 anytime soon? Here is all that we know about the series Signal Season 2.

The series Signal is a South Korean television series based on real-life crime incidents in Korea. Choi Jin-hee and Park Ji-young created the series. The series was written by Kim Eun-hee and directed by Kim Won-Seok.

The series is based on the movie Frequency, which aired in 2000. It has received an IMDb rating of 8.5/10, which tells us about the hype and craze this series has created among viewers.

The series was recently added to the Netflix platform, raising a question about the renewal of the series. However, the addition of the series on Netflix has made viewers hopeful about Signal Season 2.

Signal Season 2 Release Date

It has been almost 6 years since the last episode of the first season of the series Signal aired. So, it is hard to assume the release date of Signal Season 2. But if the series makers consider the huge number of fans following the show has generated, they would likely consider coming up with Signal Season 2.

Signal Season 2 Cast

Signal Season 2 Cast

The cast of the series Signal received worldwide acclamation for their amazing work on screen. We can expect the same enthusiasm from the cast of Signal Season 2.

Here is a list of all the expected cast of Signal Season 2:-

  • Lee Je-hoon, as Park Hae-young, is one of the most important characters in the series. He is a criminal profile by profession who finds a walkie-talkie. He further uses it to solve cold cases.
  • Kim Hye-soo portrays the character of Cha Soo-Hyun; she is yet another important character in the series. She is the first woman police officer in the Special Task Force and becomes the leader of the cold case squad of Seoul.
  • Cho Jin-Woong plays Lee Jae-Han and is a police officer by profession. He is incorruptible.
  • Jang Hyun-sung plays the character of Kim Bum Joo, the police superintendent.
  • Jung Hae-Kyun covers the screen as Ahn Chi-soo, Section Chief of the Seoulcold case squad.
  • Kang Chan-hee plays Park Sun-woo, Hae-young’s brother.

Based on the series ‘ storyline, we can expect to see a few new faces in Signal Season 2.

Signal Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Signal Season 2 is unavailable as the series has yet to be renewed for the second season.

Signal Season 2 Storyline

Signal Season 2 Storyline

The series signal perfectly combines crime, mystery, thriller, adventure, and drama. The series is based on several criminal cases in Korea. The series starts by showing Park Hae-young finding a mysterious walkie-talkie by chance.

It narrates various cold cases that are solved with the help of the mysterious walkie-talkie that Park Hae-young found. Cha Soo-Hyun and Park Hae-young are involved in solving the past cold cases that were left unsolved.

Signal Renewal Status

The series Signal aired its last episode in the year 2016. Since then, there has been no news on the series renewal. Netflix has added the series to its catalog, making viewers hopeful about finally seeing Signal Season 2.

Signal Season 2 Renewal Status

But unfortunately, the show is a limited series, and that’s why Netflix has not confirmed season 2 till now. Overall, the show hasn’t been officially canceled by the makers. So, wait for an announcement regarding season 2.

The Conclusion

The amazing crime Drama Signal received a lot of acclamation from viewers all over the world for its amazing storyline. The series also narrates real-life criminal incidents, among which the famous Hwaseong Serial murder case was also shown in the series Signal.

As a result, the series Signal also became the 16th highest-rated drama on Cable television Networks. So, the series has been a lot hyped among viewers all this time.

Did you watch the previous season of the show? If you haven’t watched the series yet, watch it and stay connected for more updates. Bookmark our page for further updates and news regarding the show.

Happy-Binge Watching!

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