Samurai Jack Season 6 Release Date Updates and More

Are you waiting for another adventure-packed season of Samurai Jack? We have all loved watching Samurai Jack in his action avatar. The cartoon series has managed to keep us on our toes as Samurai Jack makes various attempts to kill the demon Aku.

Samurai Jack released its last season 6 years ago. As you await the next season, this article will give you the Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and more.

Samurai Jack Renewal Status

There has been a lot of buzz on social media among fans about whether they will get to Samurai Jack’s next season. According to the latest updates, Tartakovsky, the show’s maker, has decided not to participate in any new season of the series.

He has denied planning or working on any potential season 6 of Samurai Jack and ended work with season 5 as his final. However, there is a 50-year difference between the plot of seasons 4 and 5.

The makers should have used a lot of unexplored stories in that term. So, if any maker would like to work on those stories, they can step in and develop a potential new season. For now, there is no confirmed news on it.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Release Date

Samurai Jack Season 6 Release Date

There are no rumors or updates regarding the Release Date of Samurai Jack Season 6. As the previous makers wrapped up the story in the 5th season, you may only get to see a new season once any new producers come in to continue the series.

Cartoon Network released the first four seasons of Samurai Jack from 2001-04. However, the fans had to wait several years before seeing the fifth and final season on May 20, 2017. So, the wait still goes on.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Premiere Date

Although Premiere occurs before release, there is no hope for it. We will not have a premiere date for Samurai Jack Season 6 until it gets renewed. Moreover, there is no clarity on which platform you may see.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Trailer

Samurai Jack has been one of the most significant memories from our childhood. As there are no plans, Premiere Date, or release date, you won’t get to see the Samurai Jack Season 6 Trailer to relieve those days.

However,  you can check out the trailer for season 5 and rewatch the season until you wait for the next. The previous trailers are available on YouTube to watch.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Cast

Samurai Jack is an animated series whose cast consists of special voice-over artists. In live-action films, actors use their faces, expressions, and postures to tell a story. But this series has only one voice.

Phil LaMarr voices the lead character of Jack Samurai. He has been a popular voice-over artist in several other animation series. Also, he gave his voice to video game characters. On the other hand, Greg Baldwin voiced Aku after the previous artist’s death.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Cast

He has been a voice-over artist in ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ by the same creator. Moreover, he is a common voice in video games. However, Mako Iwamatsu voiced him in the first four seasons. He became known for works such as Conan the Barbarian and Seven Years in Tibet.

Tara Strong provides the voice of Ashi, Aku’s daughter, who plays a vital role in season 5. She later becomes the love interest of Jack, completing the plot.

She later becomes the love interest of Jack, completing the plot. Apart from them, Grey Firffin, Sab Shimono, Corey Burton, and Keone Young, among others, gave their voice in Samurai Jack Season 5.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Storyline: What’s the concept?

The fight between good and evil is one of the favorite concepts for filmmakers, whether it’s live-action or animation. Samurai Jack follows the same line as the series begins with a conflict between a warrior prince and an evil.

The prince has a weapon that is the only one able to kill the evil Aku. But, the latter uses his magic to create a time shift and puts the prince in it to escape him.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Storyline

He begins to reign the place and plans to find adequate power to defeat the prince one day. In the future, he will name Jack. He explores the future world with new tech and creators in the following seasons. He does this to find a way to complete his mission. He finds new friends and comes across several adventures until season 5.

As Jack doesn’t find anything concrete to return and complete his mission, he grows tired of trying and leaves his loved ones behind. However, after five decades, he connects with Aku’s daughter.

Later, he can go back in time and kill him. The final season has a more serious and logical tone, putting everything from previous seasons to an end. So, in this manner, writers have no further plot for season 6.

The Conclusion

It can seem out of context if someone tries to make stories in those 50 years. Consequently, the fans would instead look for Tartakovsky to develop a new adventure for the samurai Jack after some years.

Did you watch previous seasons of Samurai Jack? Let us know which season you like the most and why. Bookmark our page for further updates and news regarding Samurai Jack season 6.

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