Will There Be An Independence Day 3? All Updates

Independence Day is an American sci-fi action movie franchise that began with Independence Day in 1996 and was succeeded by the second movie in 2016.

The plot centers on space aliens attacking Earth and attempting to wipe off humanity. The remnant human resistance, meanwhile, makes use of every available means to drive the intruders off and retake the Earth.

The first movie, which debuted on July 3, 1996, is now regarded as a pivotal moment in the development of Hollywood blockbuster movies. Due to moviegoers’ extraordinary interest, it started having a limited release on July 2.

Although there had been discussions about making an Independence Day sequel in 2001, it was not until 2016 that the film hit theaters.

The premise of the second film, among many other aspects, was heavily criticized, and it earned far fewer positive reviews than its original. Roland Emmerich, the film’s director, claims that Will Smith’s decision to pull out of the sequel was necessary for the scenario we saw in Resurgence.

Independence Day 3 Release Date

Fox eventually shelved the third Independence Day movie, and the news was released soon before the second movie’s theatrical debut. The low performance of this work prompted franchise producer Dean Devlin to announce in 2018 that he has no plans to make a third movie.

According to filmmaker Roland Emmerich, the second movie was destroyed by Will Smith’s absence. He also said the sequel project should have been abandoned when the star left. However, the director’s ambitions were rekindled with Disney’s acquisition of Fox in March 2019.

A third chapter to the movie was something Emmerich admitted to having in his mind to the website Screen Rant in 2020.

Independence Day 3 Cast

Independence Day 3 Cast

The movie was canceled back in 2018 by Fox. Due to Fox being acquired by Disney, there is hope for a third installment in the franchise. Currently, the cast for the movie has yet to be announced.

Will Smith is not expected to return for the movie due to his recent incident, and he dropped out during the second movie’s production.

Independence Day 3 Trailer

The trailer for Independence Day 3 is not expected to be released anytime soon. This is because the production for the movie has not even started, and there is no official news regarding the movie’s renewal.

However, if the film is renewed for a third installment, we can expect to see a trailer a few months before the premiere.

Independence Day 3 Storyline

The second movie was set 20 years after the first movie. The UN established the Earth Space Defense (ESD) program to reverse-engineer alien tech and act as the planet’s alert system for otherworldly dangers.

After the human race’s triumph against the alien invasions and the reconstruction and modernization of key cities throughout the world, including Washington D.C., with a combination of technology, civilization has been re-established. There is a certain amount of peace among the countries.

Independence Day 3 Storyline

During the previous invasion, the aliens had sent a distress signal to the mothership. The aliens with one of their motherships started attacking again. During the invasion, a white sphere, an Artificial Intelligence, helped humanity fight against the Aliens.

After the death of the Queen, all surviving alien fighters have been rendered dormant. At the same time, the mothership ceases drilling and departs into space. Okun says that the sphere has requested humans to lead her fight and has provided them with technological advances in anticipation of possible retaliation on the Harvesters’ home planet.

Currently, there is no plot or storyline for a third movie. However, based on how the second movie ended, we can expect humanity to be the invaders of the Harvestes’ planet in the third installment. With their technological advancement, humans could learn space travel.

Independence Day Renewal Status

Due to the first movie’s success, Fox renewed Independence Day for a second installment of its franchise. Unfortunately, Will Smith dropped out during the second movie’s production.

Independence Day 3 Renewal Status

The second movie was released after 20 years and couldn’t have lived up to the first movie’s standards. So Fox canceled the film for a third installment of the franchise.

There is no news that Disney revived the show after they acquired Fox. However, Rolland recently said he has an idea for a third time, so there is a high chance of a movie return.

The Conclusion

Independence Day is one of the movies that defined what a Hollywood Blockbuster is. The movie was renewed for a sequel and was released in 2016, 20 years after the first movie premiered in 1996.

The second movie was a flop as the film was negatively received by both fans and critics alike. Fox canceled the movie after the second movie. After Disney acquired Fox, there was hope for a third movie. Still, there are no official announcements regarding the movie’s renewal.

With Emmerich, the producer, preoccupied with some other productions and no firm plan in order, it’s difficult to predict what the future brings for Independence Day.

He is likely to continue working on the project because he is passionate about it. He’ll be engaged somehow if he doesn’t direct the movie. Stay tuned for the latest updates, and remember to bookmark our page for the hottest news regarding the show.

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