GLOW Season 4 Release Date, Spoliers, Rumors, and More!

‍GLOW is a Netflix original series that has been racking up rave reviews since it premiered in June. Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, this show follows a group of women who formed an all-female soap opera in the early ‘80s.

It’s set against professional wrestling in the early 1980s, and it stars Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder, Betty Gilpin as Debbie Egan, Marc Maron as Jimmy James Eaton, Sydelle Noel as Carmen Wade, Britney Young as Nene Leakes, and Cristine Rose as Zoya Gudjins.

GLOW is now available to stream on Netflix. Check out its release date, trailer, storyline, trailer breakdown, premiere date, and details about each character below.

GLOW Season 4 Release Date

The fourth season of GLOW will premiere on Netflix in June 2023. However, it is confirmed that season 4 was postponed to an earlier date because of the show’s strong reception.

Later, Netflix has canceled the show Glow Season 4 due to COVID-19. This is not the first time Netflix has randomly canceled the show.

GLOW Season 4 Cast

GLOW Season 4 Cast

Alison Brie portrays the role of Ruth Wilder/Zoya the Destroya. The protagonist, Ruth, is a struggling actress who succeeded as the lead wrestler Zoya. In Season 3, her drive and ambition create tensions with her former best friend, Debbie.

Betty Gilpin covers the screen as Debbie Eagan/Liberty Belle. Debbie started as Ruth’s best friend before falling out. As Liberty Belle, she was one of the top wrestlers dealing with newfound fame and producing duties in Las Vegas.

Sydelle Noel plays the role of Cherry Bang/Junkchain. A confident stuntwoman-turned-wrestler who played the outrageous “Junkchain” character, challenging racial stereotypes. She emerged as a leader among the wrestlers.

Britney Young as Carmen Wade/Machu Picchu. The naive but well-meaning Carmen portrayed an Indigenous princess character, struggling with the stereotype while growing more confident. Marc Maron plays Sam Sylvia.

The curmudgeonly director of GLOW had a tough exterior but cared for the wrestlers’ well-being and putting on an entertaining show.

Britt Baron portrays the role of Justine/Scab. The youngest wrestler trying to prove herself after being initially rejected. Her “Scab” character was an underdog fan favorite. Gayle Rankin covers the screen as Sheila/Bash. A wealthy heiress who went by “Bash” in the ring. She used her privilege to advocate for the wrestlers behind the scenes.

Kia Stevens plays the role of Tammé Dawson/Welfare Queen. A former stuntwoman who embodied the “Welfare Queen” stereotype on the show but challenged its offensiveness. Jackie Tohn dances around the screen as Melrose/Melrose. A wrestler who blurred reality by just portraying her real comedian persona, Melrose in GLOW.

Chris Lowell covering the screen as Bash Howard. The son of a wealthy family who bankrolled GLOW’s production out of a love for wrestling. Young plays Nene Leakes, a struggling actress who becomes a wrestler.

The ensemble captured different aspects of the wrestlers’ personalities and lifestyles contrasted with their outrageous characters.

GLOW Season 4 Trailer

Netflix released the first official look at season four of GLOW, and fans reacted positively to it. The trailer opens with a glitzy, ’80s-inspired intro as the characters sing along to Carly Simon’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” before the action moves to the ring.

The trailer doesn’t give much away about the upcoming season but features much of the cast and promises another “revelation” for Zoya. The trailer ends with the tagline, “Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes it’s amazing.”

Unfortunately, after season 3 ended and Covid-19 came, Netflix canceled the show. So, there won’t be any further trailer coming for GLOW Season 4.

GLOW Season 4 Storyline

GLOW Season 4 Storyline

Season four of GLOW starts six months after the end of season three. While the main characters are still trying to make a go of it in wrestling, there have been some major changes in the entertainment world.

It’s now possible to receive a cable channel that features women’s wrestling, and a new woman is rising to fame in this space.

Zoya will drive a lot of the plot in season four and compete with the rest of the cast. Zoya is a new addition to GLOW but has been around the wrestling scene for a while.

GLOW Renewal Status

GLOW Season 4 Renewal Status

Netflix has not announced that GLOW Season 4 is canceled. But season 3 ended positively, and the show has received rave reviews from fans and critics. Unfortunately, Netflix officially canceled the show due to COVID-19. Yes! There won’t be any season 4 coming out for GLOW.

The Conclusion

GLOW is an excellent show full of incredible women, and it’s great to see them finally being recognized for their work. This show is based around professional wrestling, but it focuses much more on the women behind the action than on the men who fight in the ring.

The women of GLOW are some of the strongest and most talented women in the entertainment industry, and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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