Has Country Queen be Renewed For Season 2? All Updates

How will you react when you are put into the spotlight to face your painful past? After a decade, Akisa – an event planner who broke ties with her family long ago and is now settled in Nairobi- gets a distressful call from her hometown. As a teenager, She was separated from her child against her wish by her father. Imagine yourself in place of Akisa.

Will you be able to forgive him?

But with her father dead and the family land on sale, she has to step into the battlefield of love, betrayal, conflict, and power to fight for her rights. The question is, are you ready to sail on this roller coaster ride? Here, you can learn about the Country Queen Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer, and more!

Country Queen Season 2 Release Date: When can you watch it?

Country Queen Season 2 Renewal Status

Country Queen is the first Kenyan series to spotlight family drama and corruption. Since the season finale left the story on a puzzling note, there is high scope in its storyline, so you can expect Country Queen season 2 release to float around late summer or autumn 2024.

The story depicts the powerful image of Aksia fighting for her son, which correlates with fighting for the land. The show’s first season has already put the fans in jittery anticipation, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Country Queen Season 2 release date.

Who should we expect in the Country Queen Season 2 Cast?

The series has strongly given life to characters, including Melissa Kiplagat, who is Akisa, an ambitious event planner and the main character of Country Queen. We have Mumbi Kaigwa portraying the role of Esther, who plays the mother role of Akisa, and everyone is elated except her.

Country Queen Season 2 Cast

Akisa’s father, Mwalimu, refuses to sell the land as his mother was buried in the same ground. Nini Wacera, who plays the character of Vivienne Sibala, runs a mining company called Eco Rock, and she is having an affair with the charming but nefarious Max Sibala. There is no speculation about Country Queen season 2, so there is no update about new characters.

When can you watch the Country Queen Season 2 Trailer?

The trailer is meant to tease the audience and boost excitement for the story. Country Queen season 1 shared a trailer filled with a roller coaster of emotions and gave us a lot of reality checks.

It showed the extramarital affair of the company’s CEO, Max, with Akisa – the event planner. Throughout the show, we can see an ongoing rivalry between Akisa and Max’s wife, Vivienne.

While all the struggles, Akisa is seen confronting her past and groping up with some extremely shocking revelations in the trailer. The Country Queen Season 2 trailer is highly anticipated to answer some of your questions. We are sorry to say that no official announcement has been made yet. But it is highly expected that the makers will return with a second season.

What could be the potential Country Queen Season 2 Storyline?

Season 1 shows the image of Akisa as a young and bold woman trying to break chains from societal pressures, childhood trauma, and family drama. It covers several complexities of the relationship between Max, his wife Viviene, and his girlfriend Akisa.

Akisa works at Max’s company as an event planner. It’s been a decade since Akisa left her hometown, Tsilanga, and shifted to Nairobi. Season 1 starts on a stressful note, with Akisa juggling between putting together an event for Eco Rock and a distressing phone call. Upon learning about her father’s health, Akisa rushes back to her hometown, keeping the hard feelings aside.

Country Queen Season 2 Storyline

Back home, Akisa has to deal with an ongoing cold war with her mother, Esther, while caring for her father. Ultimately, her father, Mwalimu, dies, and Akisa is left with land that needs to be sold to a mining company. It turns out that the mining company is Eco Rock itself.

But Akisa and her mother decide to fulfill her father’s last wish. Therefore, they stand apart from other villagers and fight for the land. Because of Mwalimu, Akisa’s baby was taken away from her as a teenager. All the while, Akisa thought that her father had killed the baby, but to her surprise, instead, he had left the land for her baby.

On one side, Viviene struggles to get hold of the land and gold, while Akisa must find a way to get her son back and protect the land.

Country Queen Season 2 Plot

The story revolves around a woman, Akisa, her past, and family drama. It has several more angles to explore and add. If it gets renewed, the next season might dive deeper into the relationship status of Max and his wife, Vivienne. The story might shed light on the future of Kyalo and Anna’s relationship. Will Vivienne be successful in acquiring the land?

Also, Akisa could develop feelings for his ex-lover, Kyalo. The most important question is, Will Akisa find his son and protect the village from the exploitation of Eco Rock? All these unanswered questions build the plot for Country Queen season 2 very strongly.

The Conclusion

Country Queen perfectly fits the idea behind the series, “When the Home is a Battlefield”.It shows a marvelous face-off between two strong-headed women, Akisa and Vivienne. In the series, Akisa finds a way to cope with her past and move ahead. All along her journey, she learns surprising truths about her past. But does she win in the end? It’s still unanswered.

The answer to your question lies in the next season. We can see the anticipation for the new season is very high, but unfortunately, no official announcement on the Country Queen Season 2 release has been made. Nevertheless, you can remain hopeful for the release of a new season in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions?

When will Country Queen season 2 be released?

There has yet to be an official announcement of Country Queen’s season 2 release date.

Where does Akisa LIve in Country Queen?

Akisa is settled and working in Nairobi, but she hails from Tsilanga.

How many episodes are there in Country Queen season 2?

No episodes are available for Season 2 since it hasn’t been released yet.

Where can I watch Country Queen?

It is an original Netflix series that is solely streaming on Netflix.

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