Steve Oedekerk

STEVE OEDEKERK (Writer) is a successful stand-up comedian, performer, writer and director. He wrote and directed his first two films Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls and Nothing to Lose.

While a staff writer on In Living Color, he and actor Jim Carrey shared an office and collaborated on various sketches. During that time, Carrey was developing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and sought Odekerk’s input, which marked his first big screen collaboration with director Tom Shadyac.

On the last day of the In Living Color season, Oedekerk sold his original spec screenplay for Nothing to Lose. This was quickly followed by several major studio writing assignments which led to a second collaboration with Shadyac on The Nutty Professor and eventually his directing the Ace Ventura sequel.

Currently, Oedekerk has several projects in development including the sequel to the tremendously successful The Nutty Professor and is once again in the director’s chair for his updated version of The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

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